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"Sarah has a relaxed and pleasing vocal jazz style that doesn't sound forced and comes with some tasty scatting as well. Think Norah Jones meets Diana Krall over standards." -John Flanders, the Intermountain West's premier saxophone professional

Sarah grew up surrounded by music. Her mother plays classical piano and violin and has a Bachelor's Degree in Music Therapy, and her father is a professional jazz pianist, DJ, and booking agent. This gave her exposure to artists of all kinds through her formative years, sparking the style and nuance that are so markedly her.


Sarah has been involved in many music, performance, and art experiences, with a focus on classical piano and jazz music. She has performed in solo concerts, musicals, small vocal groups, and choirs, including a worldwide production. She took ballet from an early age, and has performed in productions including The Nutcracker, The Little Prince, and Bach, Beethoven, and the Beatles. All of these experiences have given her a graceful air and a professional, deliberate presence while performing.

Outside of performance, Sarah pursues other art forms as well. She is a writer, with published poems appearing recently in The American Journal of Poetry and Calyx Press. She is a visual artist with a focus on charcoal and watercolors, and she often has her work commissioned.

Sarah has a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies with a Communications emphasis and currently works in wildlife conservation. She has lived in Utah, North Carolina, New Zealand, and Kenya.

Don't miss out on Sarah's tasteful style. It has the ability to dramatically change the feel of events into something truly unforgettable.

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